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Trivialogy Anagrams

Nearly 400 anagrams we've written or collected from various sources. Enjoy!


O Dear! Darn hindrances = Richard Dean Anderson

Pleasing Cheap Trait = Christina Applegate

Last Outback = Scott Bakula

Ethical Brains = Christian Bale

Bad on Nation’s Ear = Antonio Banderas

Brave, Dire Jam = Javier Bardem

Garb Tore Tidbit = Brigitte Bardot

Merry Wardrobe = Drew Barrymore

Brisk Enigma = Kim Bassinger

Mean Job, Satan! = Jason Bateman

Tyrant Beware! = Warren Beatty

Tenth Bleak Act = Kate Blanchett

Slander Blurs = Russell Brand

The Mocker, Drab Wit = Matthew Broderick

Borne As Prince = Pierce Brosnan

Rob Lunar Vet = Levar Burton

Semi-Cubes Vet = Steve Buscemi

Deter Burglar = Gerard Butler

Clever Tales = Steve Carell

Least Clever = Steve Carell

A Retrained Hick = Keith Carradine

A Vile Scam. Jeez! = James Caviezel

He Clean, Odd = Don Cheadle

Shy, Snide Enchanter = Hayden Christensen

Cool Energy, Ego = George Clooney

On Any Screen = Sean Connery

A Girl Can Die = Daniel Craig

Orwell’s Curse = Russell Crowe

Slyly Lit Crab = Billy Crystal

You? A Cockle! = Kaley Cuoco

Me: Ideal Wolf = Willem Dafoe

Darned Friendly Ego = Rodney Dangerfield

Is Adroit Poser = Portia de Rossi

Bloodier Notice = Benicio Del Toro

Ceased Holy Zone = Zooey Deschanel

I Am Crazed, No? = Cameron Diaz

Snide Evil = Vin Diesel

Worry? Tender Job! = Robert Downey, Jr.

Skirt Stunned = Kirsten Dunst

Old West Action = Clint Eastwood

Recall For Nil = Colin Farrell

Flinch Riot = Colin Firth

Fans ID Horror = Harrison Ford

I Fear Barn Nerds = Brendan Frasier

Nag, Reform, Amen! = Morgan Freeman

Anger from Amen = Morgan Freeman

Facial Hazing, I Ask? = Zach Galifianakis

God Jails Fine Man = James Gandolfini

Her Illegal Charm Sale = Sarah Michelle Gellar

I Give, Arks Cry = Ricky Gervais

Gotcha! Blot Bad Wit = Bobcat Goldthwait

Hero to Gleaming = George Hamilton

A Loony, or Shrewd? = Woody Harrelson

Starchier, Pink Liar = Neil Patrick Harris

Joins a Harem Last = Melissa Joan Hart

Howl Gained = Goldie Hawn

Ha! Tiger-Like Hen = Katherine Heigl

A Finely Frumpish Oomph = Philip Seymour Hoffman

Phony Skin Hat On = Anthony Hopkins

Fluffy Cinema Hit = Felicity Huffman

Her Hue Bet Lazily = Elizabeth Hurley

Enchants, Loots Jars = Scarlett Johansson

Me? Lots Enjoy Me! = Tommy Lee Jones

Thievery Leak = Harvey Keitel

Can Darken Ink = Anna Kendrick

Eh! Eat, Kinky Girl! = Keira Knightly

I Laud Works = Lisa Kudrow

Hunk Chose Tart = Ashton Kutcher

A Blueish Oaf = Shia LaBeouf

Infer Jewel Canner = Jennifer Lawrence

Held the Rage = Heath Ledger

Repels the Choir = Christopher Lee

O, An Elite = Tea Leoni

Deserving Photo Jolt = Joseph Gordon Levitt

Ideal Sinewy Lad = Daniel Day Lewis

Lateral Choker, Eh? = Heather Locklear

Jails Used Furiously = Julia Louis-Dreyfuss

If Hot, Invent Jeweler = Jennifer Love Hewitt

Silly Maniac Here = Shirley MacLaine

Damsel Machine = Michael Madsen

I Be A Metro Guy = Tobey Maguire  

Me? I Am Lark = Rami Malek

Earns TV Time = Steve Martin

Hammers A Cyclist = Melissa McCarthy

Come Watch Naughty Me = Matthew McConaughey

Farce? Then Slam! = Seth McFarlane

Re-crown? Gag Me! = Ewan McGregor  

I am only a lass = Alyssa Milano

Film? An Ordeal! = Alfred Molina

Learn in My Room = Marilyn Monroe

In my Norma Role = Marilyn Monroe

A Romantic, Or Bland? = Ricardo Montalban

Maestro Won Mirth = Matthew Morrison

Rude? I’m Hyped! = Eddie Murphy

Chalks Conjoin = Jack Nicholson

I'm Only a Drone = Leonard Nimoy

Groan Madly = Gary Oldman

The Dear, Teeny Pain = Hayden Panettiere

Real Provoker, Again = Eva Longoria Parker

What Pertly Gown! = Gwyneth Paltrow

Bootstrap Intern = Robert Pattinson

Spite That Kind Jam = Jada Pinkett Smith

Is Tidy Pioneer = Sidney Poitier

Elation Rampant = Natalie Portman

Candid, Feral Life = Daniel Radcliffe

At Corner Lamplight = Charlotte Rampling

Brazen Throng Jeer = John Ratzenberger

Dreary Nylons = Ryan Reynolds

Rich, Slim Charade = Michael Richards

My Lowland Girl = Molly Ringwald

Just a broiler = Julia Roberts

Gore! More Gore! = George Romero

Alas! Is Sillier Noble = Isabella Rossellini

Irony Warned = Winona Ryder

Alas Mad Nerd = Adam Sandler

On Set, Sir, Scream! = Martin Scorsese

Friendly Jeers = Jerry Seinfeld

Earthman is Will = William Shatner  

Slim Alien Wrath = William Shatner

Hence, He's Liar = Charlie Sheen

Looker, She Bids = Brook Shields

OK! She is Bolder = Brooke Shields

Evil Lass in Erotica = Alicia Silverstone

This Inert Rascal = Christian Slater

A Rich, Silent Star = Christian Slater

Sleepy Sinews = Wesley Snipes

Armor Vision = Mira Sorvino

Ya! Pick Seven = Kevin Spacey

Still in Grope = Tori Spelling

Bright Lenses Peep = Stephen Spielberg

Warp Trek Static = Patrick Stewart

Silky Narwhal = Hillary Swank

Irate Mimosa = Marisa Tomei

Indirect Boo…Ole! = Benicio del Toro

Nice, Lusty Act = Stanley Tucci

Calm Man, A Jaded Venue = Jean-Claude Van Damme

Rage a Favor? Sí! = Sofia Vergara

Keg, Brawl, Harm = Mark Wahlberg

The Chap…or, Wrinkles = Christopher Walken

Halted Zoning News = Denzel Washington

Revenge is Our Way = Sigourney Weaver

Slimily Blew Ideal = Billy Dee Williams

Liar Wins Limbo = Robin Williams



Can I Load Rime? = American Idol

Me? Exceptional Stardom! = America’s Next Top Model

A Hoard Wins Quotes = Antiques Roadshow

A Tactic at Stellar Gab = Battlestar Galactica

Thus, Be a Bad Deviant = Beavis and Butthead

Bad Abuse in Hated TV = Beavis and Butthead

Both the Brainy Egg = The Big Bang Theory

Tee-Shirt Boggles = The Biggest Loser

Do Break Prime Law = Boardwalk Empire

Pithy Female Braves Fury = Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Best Racy Humour in US = Curb Your Enthusiasm

Human Obscurity? Sure! = Curb Your Enthusiasm

Winners Had Tight Acts = Dancing with the Stars

A Leaden Drool = Deal or No Deal

Diva Shrews See Toupee = Desperate Housewives

Good Wisdom Here = Doogie Howser, M.D.

Hash Grid, Fittingly = Friday Night Lights

Dangs Ill Sailing = Gilligan’s Island

Adore Manic Grooming = Good Morning America

Oh, Gifted Woe = The Good Wife

O My! Nasty Rage! = Grey’s Anatomy

My Goat Yearns = Grey's Anatomy

Motive? He Men Romp! = Home Improvement

Choose Frauds = House of Cards

Why, I’m the Romeo Rout = How I Met Your Mother

Our White-hot Memory = How I Met Your Mother

Hedonistic, tedious star = Inside the Actor’s Studio

Theirs: The Lonelier Utopia = Little House on the Prairie

So, Let’s Panic = Lost in Space

I Can Rid Her Lewd Mirth = Married With Children

Deject Pithy Norm = The Mindy Project

Of That Manly Blooding = Monday Night Football

Her Stewed Rumor = Murder She Wrote

I’m a Male Syren = My Name is Earl

Clean? Sinless? Go! = NCIS Los Angeles

Continue a Poem = Once Upon a Time

Loath or Electrify = The O’Reilly Factor

Dear! Top-Rank Arsenic = Parks and Recreation

Pert, Jouncy War = Project Runway

Pie is Shading Us = Pushing Daisies

It's a Naughty Drivel = Saturday Night Live

Laughter in TV, I'd Say! = Saturday Night Live

OK, Trash Up = South Park

Sat Rattling at Sea = Stargate Atlantis

Is A Dreamier VIP = Vampire Diaries

Lighted and Weak = The Walking Dead


Airtight case?  Ha! = Agatha Christie

Kids Clench Ears = Charles Dickens

Income is Kindly = Emily Dickinson

I’m an Awful Killer = William Faulkner

Crafted Soft Glitz = F. Scott Fitzgerald

Means “With Energy”! = Ernest Hemingway

I Pen Eery Theme = Stephenie Meyer

A Pale ol’ Danger = Edgar Allan Poe

I Am a Weakish Speller = William Shakespeare

A Very Hidden Author = Henry David Thoreau

Is A Rural Dwellin’ Gal = Laura Ingalls Wilder


Bellhops Cry Evil = Beverly Hills Cop

Main Event: Fight Scene = The Magnificent Seven

Hoax Littered Dream = The Matrix Reloaded

Fun Duets?  I Smooch! = The Sound of Music

VIP Tour Ended on the Sea = The Poseidon Adventure

Haunted Estate, Baby! = Beauty and the Beast

Is Ho-Hum Logic Clash = High School Musical

I'm Thorny Axis Race = American History X

Needy Panic Ended = Independence Day

Graced Shrewd Sin = Wedding Crashers

Tim Taken, Showed Harsh Pen = The Shawshank Redemption

Wacko Anglo Rocker = A Clockwork Orange

FBI Meets Con; He's Lethal = The Silence of the Lambs

Bare Cutey Mania = American Beauty

A Urologist Ruins Beds = Inglourious Basterds

I Scan Repairmen = American Sniper

I Toil Under Waffles = It’s a Wonderful Life

Heckle…or Truth? = The Hurt Locker

A Foxy Drum Drama = Mad Max: Fury Road



Grass An Aide = Andre Agassi

To Sod I Grew = Tiger Woods

Brains? Yours groan! = Sugar Ray Robinson

I Am Ace and Icon = Nadia Comaneci

Smiles: A Real Win! = Serena Williams

A Nubile Lags It = Natalie Gulbis

Values Slim Win = Venus Williams

Enmity KO's = Mike Tyson

Car Captain Kid = Danica Patrick

No, Not On Pool. Aha! = Apolo Anton Ohno

Coat a Lewd Temper = Metta World Peace

Man Rolled Par = Arnold Palmer

Her Idol Can Jam = Michael Jordan

Arm Brand Minus Ego = Madison Bumgarner

Ah, Rear a Champion = American Pharaoh

Embroils A Tavern = Baltimore Ravens

Drama Fills Iron = Florida Marlins

I Plan an Orchestra = Carolina Panthers

Thugs Bursting in Pep = Pittsburgh Penguins

Dad’s Manic Kazoo Brain = Arizona Diamondbacks

Peak Scenery Grab = Green Bay Packers

Not By Snorkel = Brooklyn Nets

Key: Sneaky Owner = New York Yankees

Us? We Like Warm Beer = Milwaukee Brewers

Means Giant Rocks = Sacramento Kings


Ha! Validate Crud = David Archuleta

Berate Jingoism Roll = Billie Joe Armstrong

Lungs Stir A Room = Louis Armstrong

Rock’n Jaw Bones = Jackson Browne

I'm a Blue Belch = Michael Buble

Reach My Aria = Mariah Carey

Rock in a Tub = Kurt Cobain

Voice Sells Lot = Elvis Costello

Her Slow Cry = Sheryl Crow

A Serge of Latin = Gloria Estefan

Shut It Now, Honey! = Whitney Houston

Is Lineage Squire = Enrique Iglesias

Anemic Lash Jock = Michael Jackson

Jeer Crap Sanely = Carly Rae Jepsen

Chalky, Nice = Nick Lachey

Up-end a Lyric = Cyndi Lauper

Vanilla Giver = Avril Lavigne

Need? I’m Lava! = Adam Levine

A Direct Thrill = Little Richard

An Echoing Muck = Chuck Mangione

Now Stars, Mainly = Wynton Marsalis

Clean, Campy Rut = Paul McCartney

My Cruel Catnap = Paul McCartney

Emotes Silent Arias = Alanis Morissette

Try Land Loop = Dolly Parton

Hardier Kitsch = Keith Richards

Risk Rich Death = Keith Richards

Sob On Minor Keys = Smokey Robinson

Hot Daredevil = David Lee Roth

Immense Song = Gene Simmons

Snark, Fair Tan = Frank Sinatra

Best PR in years = Britney Spears

Bursting Presence = Bruce Springsteen

I Get New Fans = Gwen Stefani

This Epic Male = Michael Stipe

More Mad Nuns = Donna Summer

Wry Alto Fits = Taylor Swift

I’m A Jerk, But Listen = Justin Timberlake

Envy Letters = Steven Tyler

I’ve Let in Crash = Ritchie Valens

He An Envied Lad = Eddie Van Halen

Reviewed Tons = Stevie Wonder

Direly Vain Wacko = Weird Al Yankovic

A Roadie’s Worthy = Trisha Yearwood

Online Guy = Neil Young


Heed Backseat Yelp = The Black Eyed Peas

Cully Stout Beer = Blue Oyster Cult

I Crafted a Tub Echo = Death Cab for Cutie

Sync Idled Hits = Destiny’s Child

Finer Award Hinted = Earth, Wind and Fire

Prophets Chide Peril = Red Hot Chili Peppers

Crisis! Get Help! = The Spice Girls


Wary, Noble Yank = Albany, New York

An Agile, Ruinous Taboo = Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Radiancy Once Vast = Carson City, Nevada

Laborious, Macho Lunatic = Columbia, South Carolina

Ordered Volcano = Denver, Colorado

Womanise? So die! = Des Moines, Iowa

Fund Technocratic Rot = Hartford, Connecticut

So Fiery From Injustices = Jefferson City, Missouri

Evil, Rotten Men Romp = Montpelier, Vermont

Level The Insaneness = Nashville, Tennessee

Hint: Rare Grain Alcohol = Raleigh, North Carolina

I'm Rich or Invading = Richmond, Virginia

Confirm a Raincoat Sale = Sacramento, California

O man! It is Unpleasant = Saint Paul, Minnesota

Morose Angel = Salem, Oregon

A Harlot's False Ideal = Tallahassee, Florida


Teacher Genes = Athens, Greece

Inborn Tableau = Beirut, Lebanon

Burnable, I Note = Beirut, Lebanon

Rye, Glib Manner = Berlin, Germany

Answer Nerd Blitz = Bern, Switzerland

Bars A Nuclear Tiara = Canberra, Australia

Toddlers A-Bunching = Edinburgh, Scotland

Joan’s Staircase Co. = San Jose, Costa Rica

Cold Weeks, Months = Stockholm, Sweden


Extra Hated General = Alexander the Great

Altering Norms = Neil Armstrong

Expect Divine Bop = Pope Benedict XVI

His Lilt Won Crunch = Winston Churchill

I'd only thrill a monarch! = Hillary Rodham Clinton

Radium Came = Madam Curie

Go Cue Regrets = George Custer

Minds Fed Guru = Sigmund Freud

I Am A Mad Farm Hog = Moammar Ghadafi

Hydrangea Slim = Lindsey Graham

Ill for Death = Adolf Hitler

Fasten Fresh Mojo = Thomas Jefferson

Cabin Hall Manor = Abraham Lincoln

Lean and Solemn = Nelson Mandela

Dump Rival in It! = Vladimir Putin



Ask By Rant = Tyra Banks

A Cornered Snoop = Anderson Cooper

Clowns Oil Me = Simon Cowell

Nuclear Tone = Anne Coulter

Lend Serene Glee = Ellen DeGeneres

A Messy Cake = Casey Kasem

Grease’em is All = Emeril Lagasse

Ya’ll Try Chug a Beer = Larry the Cable Guy

Nerd amid late TV = David Letterman

Ha! Glum Hubris = Rush Limbaugh

Primal Ooze = Mario Lopez

I’m Slender Nil = Dennis Miller

Bonk to Raver = Robert Novak

A Bonnier Con = Conan O’Brien

Scary Earnest = Ryan Seacrest

Harm Sane Rivals = Sarah Silverman

Programs on Luck = Morgan Spurlock

Ah, Lent Charisma = Michael Strahan

Have Tan? Win! = Vanna White

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