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Hosting a Work-Based Trivia Game


Tips for hosting your own

workplace trivia event over Zoom

Hosting a workplace trivia game for colleagues is an excellent way to keep team members engaged and in contact with one another while working from home. Regular office meetings can become a stale, even dreaded event in the workplace. A work trivia game is an excuse to create a fun meeting, while adding team-building aspects and some friendly competition among coworkers. These trivia games can become recurring meetings that your colleagues look forward to attending.


A virtual workplace trivia game can be easy to put together, or take a bit of extra time to make more “official”. Below we have outlined three potential ways to host trivia using Zoom (or another virtual meeting application). Before taking any of these steps, though, you will need to gather your questions. If you’d like to host a work trivia game, but don’t have the time to put the questions together yourself, you can purchase one of our packets of weekly trivia questions for $15.


Easy Preparation


The easiest, least time-consuming way to host the game is to simply read the questions aloud and have players answer on a separate piece of paper. Have them label the paper 1-15 (or how many questions you have for the game), and then write their own answers. After all the questions have been asked, have players mark their own papers and report their scores. This can be done with all players in the same Zoom room (although they may have a tendency to talk over each other or blurt out answers, so you may want to "mute" the players).

Medium Preparation


Trivia is more fun when played in teams, though, so we suggest dividing players into teams, and having one player on each team act as the official “scribe” for the team (a player who records the answers for the team). Should you choose to have teams, it is also a good idea to have “Break-out Room” sessions every five questions or so. Send teams into their break-out rooms to discuss their answers for a few minutes, and then bring them back to the main room for the next set of questions. To do this you will need to have players sorted into break-out rooms before the game begins. You can do this easily by pre-determining the members of each team, or by using the “Assign Automatically” function when creating your Zoom Break-out Rooms.


Here is a tutorial on how to use Break-Out Rooms on Zoom:


You can also display the questions during the Zoom meeting by using the “Share Screen” function in Zoom. Doing so can help lessen the confusion that sometimes comes when questions are delivered verbally. To do this you will need to put together a presentation. This can be a simple matter of changing the font size of the questions on the Word doc, and then scrolling through them, or making an actual PowerPoint presentation.


Even More Preparation


If you would like the game to be more “official,” you could create a digital answer form. We use Google Forms for our games, an easy-to-use application that allows you to create editable answer documents. Once players have completed the answer form, they hit submit, and all the answers populate onto a Google spreadsheet, making it a simple task for the host to then mark the answers.


Here is a tutorial on how to use Google Forms:

Trivia Questions for Your Work Trivia Game


Our weekly question packets are completely original and include recent news and current events. If you're looking for trivia questions, check out our weekly questions, complete with free answer sheets. Get a free sample.

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