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Host your own Pub Quiz!


A weekly or monthly pub quiz/trivia night can do many things for your bar or restaurant:


  • Bring in new, regular customers.

  • Raise your profile in the community.

  • Create a fun, engaging atmosphere.


Trivialogy can help you create your own affordable weekly or monthly pub quiz. Here's how it works:


  • Current Weekly Question Packets cost $15 per week (packets from previous weeks cost $10). You receive 40 up-to-date, researched questions--you can use all the questions we send, or pick and choose the questions that will best suit your clientele. You can request a complimentary copy of this week's Question Packet at our Contact Page.

  • Choose an answer sheet from among the free PDFs we've created--download the PDF and print as many copies as you like. Click here for Answer Sheets.

  • Choose the night and time for your game, do a little advertising, and then let the fun begin! You can host the game by calling out questions yourself, or by having a staffer (or trusted patron) host the game. Click here for Hosting Tips.


It's as simple as that! If you would like more information, feel free to drop us an email or give us a call:


EMAIL: Please Use our Contact Form

TELEPHONE: (916) 508-3815

Why Choose Trivialogy?


You could choose to hire a professional to host your pub quiz. If your bar or restaurant is large, we recommend this option. But if your location is relatively small, and you expect to pull in 30 or fewer players a night, a professional pub quiz host can be rather pricey--they usually charge at least $75 per game, and sometimes charge additional fees based on the number of players.


The other type of game we sometimes see is having a patron read questions from a boardgame (such as Trivial Pursuit). This gets old very quickly, as the questions are usually out of date, are frequently repeated by hosts who have lost track of the questions they've asked, and do not reflect current events.


Finally, with Trivialogy you have no longterm commitment--if the questions work for you, great! If not, you can simply stop buying them. 





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