What makes our questions different? Current events! Our question packets always include several questions based on events from the past week, such as sports (i.e., questions about the Super Bowl the day after it is played), entertainment (i.e., Oscars the day after the awards), and news ranging from politics to pop culture.  

So save yourself some time and let us write your question for you!


Our question writing philosophy:


1. Questions should appeal to a wide range of players: Male and female, young and old. To this end we will provide 35 general knowledge questions per-week, along with an Imagram, allowing you to choose the 30-40 that will best suit your clientele.


2. Questions should provoke thought and discussion among players: We include several two-point questions per week, along with at least one "Feud" question that asks players to determine the answer at the top of a given list, but rewards any answer in the top five of the list. Also included each week is an anagram and an acronym or abbreviation.


3. Questions should be neither too hard nor too easy: No one likes feeling stupid while playing trivia. On the other hand, if the game is too easy, people won't come back, either. So, we always try to find the sweet spot in the middle with some easy questions and some hard questions.


4. Questions should be timely: Players like to have their knowledge of current events rewarded. 


5. Questions should be "family friendly": While there may be a "PG" question or two among the questions we send you, our goal is always to write a game to which parents would feel comfortable taking their children.


General Knowledge Trivia

Sports, Television, Film, History, Food, Fashion, Geography, Science, Literature, Current Events, Anagrams, Acronyms, Imagrams, and many "Wildcards"!

Weekly Question


Weekly Question Packets are

delivered as a PDF and include 5 pages:


> Notes and Explanations.

> The 25 selected questions for the week, with answers.

> The 25 selected questions for the week, without answers (to use during the game itself).

> 10 extra questions that may be used to substitute for selected questions, or may be added to make your game 35 questions.

> The weekly Imagram.

> Links to 15-second clips for a musical round.


You can copy and paste questions into your own document, or use the questions directly from your phone, tablet, or computer.